Chemical Exposure

Attorney Trey Allen has experience representing clients who have been exposed to dangerous chemicals. Hazardous chemicals can be solids, liquids or gases, seen or unseen. Very often chemical exposure occurs where victims are not even aware of their proximity to harmful substances. Only later do they start to notice symptoms, and even then they may never know that the cause of their illness was chemical exposure. Industrial workers, for example, are prone to long-running, low-level exposures to chemicals and toxins that damage their bodies slowly over time.

Asbestos and benzene are two examples of the kinds of invisible killers that many workers in construction, factories, and other industrial careers face every day. Some employers are aware of these dangers, and some are not. Regardless, both can be held liable in a court of law. Attorney Trey Allen represents employees who have been injured by harmful chemicals at the workplace.

Chemical Exposure Cases

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