Dallas Lawyer Trey Allen

Representing Clients in Personal Injury Cases

Dallas attorney Trey Allen evaluates claims on behalf of individuals throughout the United States who are suffering from injuries due to the nigligence of others.

Attorney Trey Allen is currently consulting with potential clients who have suffered serious injury or death due to the following types of cases.

If you or a loved one have suffered serious injury or death, please contact attorney Trey Allen for a free consultation.

Attorney Trey Allen is located in Dallas and works on cases nationwide for Attorney Trey Allen's clientele. Attorney Trey Allen can be contacted toll free at his Dallas, Texas office at 1-888-345-5291.

Attorney Trey Allen accepts lawyer referrals on a case by case basis. Please contact Attorney Trey Allen directly at tallen@jacksonallenfirm.com if you are a lawyer and would like to discuss a potential referral.